Guest Room Guide.

Connecting to the WiFi ᯤ

  • To connect to the complimentary WiFi open your WiFi settings on your device.
  • Select Hotel Mai from the list of available networks.
  • When prompted enter the password found on the key sleeve of your room key.
  • Boom! You’re connected! Enjoy the WiFi!
  • If you require any assistance please contact the front desk by dialing 0 and we will be happy to assist you.

Streaming content to your TV

  • First ensure your smartphone is connected to the Hotel Mai WiFi network.
  • Switch on the TV by using the remote control found in your room.
  • The TV will display a QR code and URL upon powering on. (In some cases you may need to change the TV source to Chromecast to access the QR code and URL.)*
  • Scan or enter the URL using the smartphone you will be streaming from. You will be prompted to pair device, select pair device.
  • Log in onto your streaming platforms app as you normally would.
  • After logging in search for the casting icon it should look like the one below.
  • Click on the casting icon. A menu should pop up with a list of devices to connect to. Select Chromecast BR1 followed by your respective room number.
  • Now select your content, sit back, and enjoy.
  • To unpair your device click on the casting icon in your streaming platform and select stop casting or disconnect.
  • If you require any assistance please contact the front desk by dialing 0 and we will be happy to assist you.

Using your room telephone

  • To reach out to the front desk dial 0 and one of our awesome staff will answer!
  • To dial out press 8 and then the number.

Requesting housekeeping to service your room

  • The housekeeping team will provide service for your room if the ‘please service’ face of the service sign found in your room is hung on the outside door handle by 8:00AM.
  • Our standard service includes removal and replacement of used towels, and removal of trash accumulated in the garbage bins under the desk and in the bathroom.
  • Any additional service needs beyond our standard service should be communicated to the front desk one day prior to service by 11 PM.
  • (Please note that housekeeping will not service areas where guest items are located upon therefore to ensure proper service please remove personal items from areas involving your service needs).*